Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers.

How many people can ride together?

Each SkyLift chairs accommodates up to three people. Guests are welcome to ride as one or two per chair if preferred.

Do you have a weight limit?
There is no weight limit for the SkyLift or SkyBridge. All riders must fit comfortably in a SkyLift chair, and are invited to ride as one or two per chair to ensure a safe level of comfort.

Should we expect long lines?
No. With multiple ticket windows and a continuously moving chairlift our guests able to load and ride the SkyLift efficiently. 

What is at the top of the mountain?
This best views in Gatlinburg! At the top of the SkyLift you'll step off onto the expensive SkyDeck for spectacular views, seating areas, a gift shop and snack bar, and access to the SkyBridge.

Is parking available?
Gatlinburg SkyLift does not offer designated parking, however, located adjacent to our location are two parking lots that offer competitively-priced hourly and daily rates. Metered parking is also available nearby on River Road. 

Are strollers permitted on the SkyLift?
Strollers are not permitted; they may be checked at the base of the lift.  Infants and small children are welcome to ride the chairlift, however, they must be in the lap of an adult for the duration of the ride.  

Are drones permitted for photography?
Due to safety and privacy concerns, Gatlinburg SkyLift Park prohibits the operation of all unmanned aerial systems, including drones, of on or above Park property without the prior written authorization from Gatlinburg SkyLift Park.

Is Gatlinburg SkyLift Park wheelchair accessible?
Yes, several experiences and areas within the park are wheelchair accessible. Please see our Accessibility page for details. 

What should I wear on my trip to Gatlinburg SkyLift?
Wear whatever feels most comfortable to you.  We do recommend that you check the weather forecast upon arrival so that you can dress accordingly.  

What will we see while riding SkyLift?
Guests will experience expansive views of the Smoky Mountains and the town of Gatlinburg below.  On clear days, guests will have the chance to see the three highest peaks in the Smoky Mountains: Clingman's Dome, Mt. Guyot, and Mt. LeConte. 

Does Gatlinburg SkyLift close for inclement weather?
SkyLift management will suspend operations whenever inclement weather (heavy rain, snow, thunder, lightning, or high winds) enters the area. Operations will resume when the system leaves the area, or when management believes it is once again safe for guests to ride. 

Do I need to make reservations?
Reservations are not required.  Tickets can be purchased upon arrival. 

I have never ridden a chairlift, is there anything I should know?
Loose clothing, straps, and phones/cameras should be secured before riding. Guests must remain seated throughout the duration of the ride. Smoking is not allowed.  Our operators are available to answer questions or address any special needs prior to loading the lift.

Can I take my phone or camera on the SkyLift?
Yes, but we do recommend that you mind the openness of the chair to avoid dropping any belongings on the hill and take extra precaution when using any devices while riding.

What if I drop some of my belongings while on the ride? 
The Gatlinburg SkyLift is not responsible for any lost items.  We recommend that all guests check loose clothing/equipment before sitting in the SkyLift chair.  If you do happen to drop belongings on the hill, please report this to the ticket window.

Are pets allowed on Gatlinburg SkyLift?
Pets are not allowed on Gatlinburg SkyLift

Do the SkyLift chairs stop so that guests can sit down? 
The SkyLift chairs are continuously moving, and the operator assisting at the loading/unloading station will help riders get on and off the chair as needed.  Per rider request, the operator can slow or stop the chair to help you sit down or get out of the chair. 

Does Gatlinburg SkyLift have group rates? 
Yes, groups of 20 or more can contact us at to book a group trip.

Are military discounts available? 
Yes, we offer a $2 discount to all active and retired United States Military and their immediate family members on tickets purchased at the SkyLift. Please present ID at the ticket window.

Are there special rates for local residents?
Yes, residents of Sevier County can save $5 on tickets purchased at the SkyLift. Please present proof of residency at the ticket window.