Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers.

How many people can fit on a chair?
Each of the SkyLift's chairs accommodates up to three people, but guests are welcome to ride as one or two per chair if they prefer.

Should we expect long lines?
No. The SkyLift is continuously moving and we load guests as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Are pets allowed on Gatlinburg SkyLift?
Pets are not allowed on Gatlinburg SkyLift

What is at the top of the mountain?
This best views in Gatlinburg! Currently, we are not able to allow guests to unload at the top of the SkyLift due to construction, but beginning this spring the new SkyBridge and SkyDeck will be open and guests will be able to spend as much time as they want taking in the views.

Is parking available?
There is no designated parking at Gatlinburg SkyLift, however, located within close walking distance are two paid parking lots.   

How old does my child have to be to ride?
All ages are welcome to ride SkyLift, however, we do recommend that infants and small children ride in the laps of an adult throughout the duration of the lift ride.  

Is Gatlinburg SkyLift wheelchair accessible?
Yes. The operators at the loading station can assist individuals in and out of their wheelchair, per occupant's request and slow or stop the SkyLift as needed in order to help with loading and unloading.  During the round trip ride, we will store and monitor the wheelchair.  

What should I wear on my trip to Gatlinburg SkyLift?
Wear whatever feels most comfortable to you.  We do recommend that you check the weather forecast upon arrival so that you can dress accordingly.  

Does Gatlinburg SkyLift have group rates? Yes.  Groups of 15 or more can contact us at to arrange a group trip.

What discounts are available?
We offer discounts to all active and retired United States Military with proof of identification, and discounts to local residents with proof of a Sevier County driver's license, or any other proof of local residency.   

What will we see while riding SkyLift?
While riding SkyLift, customers will get to see expansive views of the Smoky Mountains and the town of Gatlinburg below.  On clear days, guests will have the chance to see the three highest peaks in the Smoky Mountains: Clingman's Dome, Mt. Guyot, and Mt. LeConte. 

Does Gatlinburg SkyLift close for inclement weather?
SkyLift management will suspend operations whenever inclement weather (heavy rain, snow, thunder, lightning, or high winds) enters the area. Operations will resume when the system leaves the area, or when management believes it is once again safe for guests to ride. 

Do I need to make reservations?
Reservations are not required.  There are two ways to purchase tickets at Gatlinburg SkyLift.  Guests can call ahead of time to purchase tickets over the phone, or purchase tickets at the SkyLift window upon arrival.  If reservations are made, guests will pick up tickets at window upon arrival.  

I have never ridden Gatlinburg SkyLift before, are there any rules and regulations I should know about?
All guests must remain seated throughout the duration of the ride. There is also no smoking allowed on the SkyLift.  We do recommend that you check for loose clothing/equipment before loading into the chair.  If you have any last-minute questions before riding, just ask our SkyLift operators.  

Can I take my phone or camera on the SkyLift?
Yes, but we do recommend that you mind the openness of the chair to avoid dropping your belongings on the hill. 

What if I drop some of my belongings while on the ride? 
The Gatlinburg SkyLift is not responsible for any lost items.  We recommend that all guests check loose clothing/equipment before sitting in the SkyLift chair.  If you do happen to drop belongings on the hill, please report this to the ticket window.

Do the SkyLift chairs stop so that guests can sit down? 
The SkyLift chairs are continuously moving, and the operator assisting at the loading/unloading station will help riders get on and off the chair as needed.  Per rider request, the operator can slow or stop the chair to help you sit down or get out of the chair. 

Are tickets one way up or round-trip?
All tickets are valid for a round-trip ride up and back down the mountain. Unlimited tickets allow you to ride the lift multiple times in a day.

How long is the unlimited rides ticket valid for?
Unlimited ride tickets are valid from the time of purchase until closing time that same day, weather permitting.