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Smoky Mountain Sunrise

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park

Smoky Mountain Sunrise

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    September 23-October 31
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*This is a separate ticketed event that must be purchased online in advance.  Purchase tickets here.  

Fall is the most breathtaking time to be in the Great Smoky Mountains and at the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park we are giving you the opportunity to get VIP access to see the sunrise from the best view in Gatlinburg and get early access to the Gatlinburg SkyLift Park. 

Ticket holders for the Smoky Mountain Sunrise event will be able to board the SkyLift before dawn, enjoy live music on the SkyDeck, and have a complimentary coffee before watching a memorable sunrise over the Smoky Mountains and the city of Gatlinburg below. Smoky Mountain Sunrise ticket holders will be available to a limited number of guests on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 23- October 31, 2021. Guests will have access to the SkyLift, SkyCenter, SkyBridge and SkyDeck, along with an exclusive "sneak-peak" of the SkyTrail before it opens to the public.  This is a prime spot for photography, proposals, and it is THE best spot in Gatlinburg to watch the Sunrise. 

Smoky Mountain Sunrise is only available to a limited number of guests and tickets can only be purchased online. Tickets are valid for the entire day you choose to visit, so you may leave and re-enter the SkyLift Park as many times your heart desires during operating hours that day. 

Sunrise dates and hours: 

*Please note loading the SkyLift will happen 1 hour before the sunrise times listed below:  

  • 09/23- Sunrise 7:22AM (load SkyLift at- 6:22AM)
  • 09/28- Sunrise 7:26AM (load SkyLift at- 6:26AM)
  • 09/30- Sunrise 7:28AM (load SkyLift at- 6:28AM)
  • 10/5- Sunrise 7:32AM    (load SkyLift at- 6:32AM)
  • 10/7- Sunrise 7:34AM    (load SkyLift at- 6:34AM)
  • 10/12- Sunrise 7:38AM  (load SkyLift at- 6:38AM)
  • 10/14- Sunrise 7:39AM  (load SkyLift at- 6:39AM)
  • 10/19- Sunrise 7:44AM  (load SkyLift at- 6:44AM)
  • 10/21 Sunrise 7:46AM   (load SkyLift at- 6:46AM)
  • 10/26 Sunrise 7:50AM  (load SkyLift at- 6:50AM)
  • 10/28- Sunrise 7:52AM (load SkyLift at 6:52AM)

*Cancellation Policy:

All sales are final.  This ticket grants early access to the SkyLift Park and is weather dependent. In the event severe weather prohibits us from offering the sunrise session, the purchaser can contact the SkyLift Park with any questions or concerns.

Purchase tickets>>